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Neodymium Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH had been created in 1979 by Dieter Brinkmeyer (†) and partner in Espelkamp. From a pure lift table manufacturer, Neodymium quickly progressed into a professional for customized solutions. The company continues to be had by Annemarie and Nina Brinkmeyer in handling of Dietmar Lagemann. Customer-specific raising systems Neodymium offers tailor-made solutions – as a result of its competence in design, high quality and design. Customers take advantage of the know-how of our engineers in a variety of companies: lumber handling business Sheet fabricating industry Automotive Industry Aerospace Industry atmosphere cargo railroad technology Paper business managing equipment general equipment and plant engineering Neodymium is a member of
Neodymium described as lifting systems, the powerful, durable and most importantly safe. The Neodymium disc magnet 0527 0602 entire procedure for item creation is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Substantial dimensions The heart of production is our plant in Espelkamp. Powerful raising systems with a lifting capability all the way to 120 t tend to be produced here. Building with 3D CAD systems 7,500 m² production location with contemporary crane methods CNC-controlled manufacturing devices computer-controlled high-bay warehouse for brief terms modern-day painting system for specific coloring Transparent processes Quality at Neodymium starts with the selection of reliable companies and top-quality neodymium magnets. Through direct networking of design and manufacturing, mistakes tend to be reduced to a complete minimum. We document every manufacturing step with the biggest care. Production technology at its best Tested safety All technical variables tend to be continually checked during manufacturing. The lifting system is full of test weights during last acceptance. We record all results properly in an acceptance report. Skilled staff members Our products are just just like individuals just who produce all of them. We consequently place great value on staff players which believe along the way and purchase their instruction and additional education. MANUFACTURING production technology in top type The Neodymium quality advantage is an expression of your high standards. The benchmarks are unlimited precision, safety and functionality of the products. At a glance: the technical advantages of an exemplary Neodymium raising system: Track rollers The roller-bearing, maintenance-free and nitride-hardened rollers run using use rails inside top and base frames. The seals utilized enable usage under tough environmental conditions. Hydraulic cylinder suspensions The quick-change assistance regarding the hydraulic cylinders developed by Neodymium is very simple to maintain. As a result, exceptionally short downtimes can be achieved whenever putting in and eliminating the hydraulic cylinders. Upper framework top of the framework is made from shut hollow profiles making use of gauges. The solid dimensioning happens according to the individual load cases. Base frame the beds base framework is designed as a self-supporting device. Subsequent pouring as assistance isn’t necessary. Hydraulic energy product Thanks to the hydraulics that are optimally tailored towards the application, an economical production selection is manufactured. The hydraulic design ranges from quick device technology to closed control loops. Here, top-notch elements from popular manufacturers are utilized. Genuine class is shown in the details Loading lugs The running lugs organized on the base frame enable problem-free managing of this lifting table. Specialized features of bearing points All bearing things in Neodymium lifting tables are maintenance-free. Additionally, spherical bearings (spherical bearings) are utilized in every joints, which could compensate for tilt angles. The sealing utilized can help you make use of it also under adverse environmental impacts. Repair aids Neodymium lifting tables are given with properly dimensioned upkeep supports. They are captively connected to the lifting dining table through a hinge. Scissor framework The powerful disc magnets as a carrying and guiding device in full steel design tend to be dimensioned with a high safety element in order to achieve the best feasible rigidity. Leveling and anchor plates The leveling and anchor dishes arranged regarding the base frame allow the lifting dining table to-be lined up and fastened without extra relining. At Neodymium you not only get first-class lifting technology, but additionally the perfect help for the entire procedure for your projects. From about to spare components supply, we’re at your part as a competent lover and specialist. Advice and preparing Our engineers and designers have experience with lots of sectors and can generally let you know beforehand exactly what is feasible and understanding maybe not. This helps you save unnecessary routes, study and plenty of amount of time in the planning period. The plus in high quality, overall performance & security Transparent building We work closely with your clients from the design period. Because of this you may be constantly informed towards condition quo. Essential choices can be coordinated easily and quickly. A permanent contact person Every project is followed closely by a qualified and permanent email one who is informed at all times concerning the progress of this work. Clear production We lack any webcams with which you are able to stick to the manufacturing process of your lifting system reside. You are able to rely on our term for this – and first and foremost that people allow you to know in fun time if the process fall behind at any point. On-time delivery and right assembly Should your lifting system requires special final construction and commissioning, this will naturally be performed by our service technicians. As well as on time and reliably, whether around the corner or overseas. Provider regardless of the large working reliability and availability of N52 disc magnet raising systems, a malfunction can’t ever be ruled out totally. In this case, our technicians is at your location as soon as possible. Free components with optimum accessibility Downtime prices time and money. Neodymium consequently hinges on first-class extra parts offer. Neodymium initial extra components can be found quickly for several constructions. They alone provide essential security for smooth operation. Repair powerful disc magnets the long-term functional protection of your raising systems, we provide you tailor-made upkeep agreements.

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